Platform – Fast, Sensitive and Multiplied

Evanostics is developing a technology platform and portfolio of products for multiple test targets. Initial applications will be toxicology testing and respiratory health.

The Evanostics platform can simultaneously detect small amounts of multiple biomarkers and produce lab-quality results within 15 minutes.

The components of the platform are a benchtop analyzer and a single-use integrated cartridge with a collection device and a photonic biosensor chip.

  • Benchtop analyzer: The automated, small-footprint analyzer produces lab-quality results in minutes.
  • Integrated Cartridge: Kinetic assays are performed using automated fluid handling in the contained cartridge. The cartridge is integrated with the collection device and a photonic biochip sensor.
  • Collection device “Thermometer”: Collects two saliva samples simultaneously without any risk of aerosolization. One specimen is used for the testing while the other can be sent to a confirmation lab at the doctor’s discretion.
  • Photonic biosensor chip: Distinct binding reactions occur in predefined locations on the chip, enabling the system to quickly perform multiple, simultaneous tests with a small volume of saliva, blood, or other body fluid.
Evanescent Waveguide Technology

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